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Looking for hydraulic crane rentals in the Mid-Atlantic Region?

If you’re looking for local hydraulic crane rentals in the Mid-Atlantic Region, the knowledgeable team at L.R. Willson & Sons can help you out. For nearly five decades, we have been committed to offering our clients large fleets of the latest and greatest equipment. No matter the size or scope of your job, we’re outfitted to accommodate you. From hydraulic truck cranes to 440-ton crawler cranes, we offer comprehensive renting options and free service estimates to suit all your lifting needs.

Hydraulic Rough Terrain Cranes in MD

Our Hydraulic Truck Cranes Will Help You Get the Job Done!

Hydraulic truck cranes are able to combine the maneuverability and mobility of a heavy-duty truck while simultaneously delivering the impressive lifting power of a hydraulic crane. With the capacity to move tremendously heavy objects with ease, this is a great lifting option with various labilities. Known for its quick setup and even faster lifts, our hydraulic crane options are great for lifting thousands of pounds and transporting them effectively. Whether you need to move houses, construction equipment, heavy shipping containers, or multi-ton bridge sections, our hydraulic truck cranes lift even your most cumbersome loads.

The Components that Give a Hydraulic Truck Crane Its Power

Along with the obvious truck chassis and standard engine, a hydraulic truck crane houses various other unique parts that give the truck its power. Even if you’re working in high or confined spaces, these special parts allow our hydraulic truck crane rentals to lift and transfer large loads almost effortlessly:

The Boom

This is the large steel that is used to lift and move the loads. During transport, the boom rests directly behind the operator’s cab, and once deployed, the telescoping sections fit together to form a boom that can reach 100′ or higher. This component of the hydraulic truck crane is what allows the machine to raise loads to heights that would usually be inaccessible to other types of machinery.

The Jib

Some of our hydraulic truck cranes come outfitted with a jib. A jib is a lattice structure that works to extend the overall length of the crane’s boom further.

The Two-Gear Pump

The truck’s hydraulic crane is composed of pipes, hoses, and pistons that are connected to a two-gear pump that uses rotating gears. These gears are powered by the engine to pressurize the hydraulic oil that is used to generate lifting.

The Outriggers

Outriggers act as retractable supports for when the crane is in a stationary, lifting position. These devices are crucial, as they give the crane the stability it needs to prevent any tipping or twisting of the load. Outriggers on our rentals can also be adjusted to level the crane on uneven surfaces.

The Counterweights

These are large and heavy weights placed on the back of the crane truck cab to keep the machine stable and balanced during heavy lifting. Without these crucial components, the truck itself would be susceptible to toppling over while lifting large loads to great heights.

The Rotex Gear

The Rotex gear makes the side-to-side movement of the boom arm possible. This allows for precise movement and is controlled by a joystick-type device.

The Load Movement Indicator

Our hydraulic truck crane rentals consist of several safety devices put in place to prevent overloading. Sensors connect to a light array situated just above the operator’s eye level, giving them a warning if the lifting capacity of the crane has been reached.

The Steel Cable

A heavy steel cable runs throughout the entire length of the room to secure the load, and a large metal ball is attached to the hook at the ends of the cable to keep it taut and stabilized once the load is connected.

The Operator Controls

Depending on what size of hydraulic truck crane you rent from us, the operating controls will include one or two joysticks and floor pedals that are used to control the boom’s overall movements. These controls are connected to spool valves, which will lift the hydraulic pump(s).

Hydraulic Truck Crane Specs

Not sure which hydraulic crane is right for you? Call now to speak with one of our friendly staff members today. We serve much of the Mid-Atlantic Region, including Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington, DC, and select cities in North Virginia. Contact L.R. Willson & Sons Now for a Free Estimate!