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Heavy Machinery Storage and Construction Equipment Rental

Serving Baltimore since 1971, L.R. Willson & Sons Crane Rental is your one-stop-shop for crane rental, rigging equipment, trucking and hauling, and storage. From rough-terrain cranes to lattice options, our local crane rental service in Baltimore, MD is equipped to accommodate you. We serve customers spanning many industries, including HVAC, mechanical, steel, demolition, and roofing. Our top priorities are always your safety and satisfaction. Whether you need a truck-mounted hydraulic crane or a boom truck, be sure to give us a call for a free estimate today!

Machinery & Heavy Equipment Storage in Gambrills, MD

We Can Help You Choose the Size of Your Crane Rental

Sometimes determining the appropriate size of crane for a job can be challenging. Choosing the wrong size can hurt productivity, damage equipment, or compromise the safety of your job site. However, the experts at L.R. Willson & Sons Crane Rental can help by guiding you through the rental process. We’re also committed to providing same-day crane rental services to our Baltimore customers, whenever possible. As a bonus, submitting a credit application for your next crane rental can make it even more affordable! Our company provides safe and reliable equipment, such as:

We Rent Safe and Reliable Cranes

There’s little wiggle room for error when it comes to sizing up your operation for rigging equipment. For nearly 50 years, L.R. Willson & Sons Crane Rental has measured up to the task. Whether you need crane rigging supplies or equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Hoisting, lifting, pushing, and pulling heavy machinery is a breeze with our efficient rigging equipment. We only rent thoroughly-tested cranes. For your peace of mind, each of which complies with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) safety standards.

Take Advantage of Our Secure Storage Yard

In addition to renting crane equipment, our company offers indoor and outdoor storage. We care about the safety of your equipment, so we’ve invested in equipment, enabling us to monitor your property 24 hours a day. As a result, we can protect you from theft and vandalism. Our storage solutions allow you to focus your attention and spend your time growing your business. We can even arrange to have your equipment shipped to and from our storage yard for your convenience. Call today for a free short- or long-term crane storage quote in Baltimore, MD or the surrounding areas!

Are Your Baltimore-Area Crane Operators Certified?

Yes! The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) certifies each of our crane operators. Also, the Precast Concrete Institute certifies our workers. We also have operators approved by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators.

What Kind of Information Do I Need to Rent a Crane?

Before contacting us, we advise you to take a series of measurements. Doing so will save time and ensure you rent the equipment you need to complete the job. In addition to gauging the size and weight of the materials you’re working with and the building you’re working on, you’ll need to inspect the property as a whole to find out the proper crane size and type. So, make sure to:

  • Find out the maximum weight of the items your team needs to lift
  • Measure the dimensions of the materials you’ll be hauling
  • How do you plan on attaching the materials to the crane?
  • Is special rigging required?
  • What are the dimensions of the building you’re working on?
  • Are there overhead wires, trees, or any other obstructions in the way?
  • Is the crane on private or public property?

How Much Does a Crane Rental Cost?

It depends on the size and scope of your job, as well as the weight and size of the materials you need to lift. If you’re working on a large-scale project, you might need stronger and bigger equipment to complete the job. In that case, the rental fees will be higher. However, the only way to be sure is to determine what size crane you need and give our team a call. From there, we can help you select the crane you need and give you an estimate.

Contact L.R. Willson & Sons Crane Rental to Get Started

We’re proud of our reputation for helping contractors complete complicated but important projects. L.R. Willson & Sons Crane Rental has delivered outstanding customer service and sturdy crane rentals since 1951, satisfying a long list of customers in the process. If you require crane rental services, rigging work, long- or short-term storage, or trucking and hauling, then L.R. Willson & Sons Crane Rental is your best resource. We work in Baltimore, MD, and the surrounding area. Contact us today to get started.