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Machinery Storage and Heavy Equipment Storage in Maryland

Serving Washington, DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas

While heavy equipment can be a huge help with your construction projects, we find that many people don’t have the space to properly store these types of large-scale items. Most small neighborhoods can’t accommodate large cranes or other kinds of heavy-duty equipment, and a majority of our clients don’t have their own sheds and storage lots for these things either. It’s for this reason that we opened our own storage facilities for use! If you are considering leaving your equipment with us, it is important to be well-informed about our pricing, procedures and process so that you have peace of mind that your machinery will be not just well tended to, but readily available to you when your next big job emerges. Below we have assembled some of the most common questions our machinery storage clients have asked so that you can be knowledgeable about our service before you begin.

What kinds of equipment can you store?

Nearly any piece of machinery you use on the job can be stored at our facility to save you space. From small handheld tools to giant, full-sized cranes, we can help.

How do I transport the equipment?

You can bring the equipment to us or we can come and pick it up to save you the trouble of hauling it. You are also welcome to ship equipment to us for storage. When you are ready to get the equipment back from us, you can pick it up from our facility or we can bring it to whatever location you need it at.

How long can you store things for me?

We can keep things here for a few days or even years based on your needs! Contact us today to get a quote for short-term or long-term storage.

How safe is your storage?

We pride ourselves on security. Our entire storage yard is monitored by 24-hour surveillance to make sure there is no theft or damage to your machinery and construction equipment.

Do you offer indoor and outdoor storage?

Depending on the scale of your equipment, we can store it inside or outside. We have facilities for both needs.

How soon can you get the equipment back to me when I need it?

If you have an upcoming job where you need the equipment that we have been storing for you, we can start moving it back to you as soon as we are informed. How soon you get it will depend on how far away your job is from our storage site. You can get in touch with us ahead of time to ensure that the equipment is where you need it on time.

Can you organize my equipment based on contractor?

We know many clients use different contractors and have a variety of equipment from all these sources at once. We can organize things for you so that you can know exactly where all of your equipment is and who it belongs to.


If you need more information about machinery and heavy equipment storage, call us today at 410-286-1906