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Lattice Boom Crawlers for Rent

At L.R. Willson & Sons, we are proud to offer our Mid-Atlantic Region customers comprehensive lattice boom crawler crane rentals. Not only do we tote numerous crane options to accommodate any job, but we also offer prices that can accommodate any budget. For over 50 years, we have happily supplied our Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia clients with large fleets of the latest, well-maintained equipment. From rough-terrain cranes to lattice boom crawler cranes, we have exactly what you need to complete your next job.

Trust Our Crane Rentals for All Your Heavy Lifting!

Lattice boom crawler cranes, or simply, crawler cranes, are the largest type of crane available for rent. Due to the size of this type of crane and its tank-like features, they are typically dismantled into smaller pieces and transported by trucks or train wagons, and then reassembled on your Jobsite. Most types of lattice boom crawler cranes offer multi-functional jib systems that are specially designed to assist in increasing the overall lift reach and maneuverability of the crane. Due to these cranes being heavy-duty machines, crawlers are ideal for large-scale construction projects and are used for a multitude of jobs that require heavy lifting. In addition, lattice boom crawler cranes can perform lifting options on various ground surfaces due to the entire weight of the machine being equally deployed on a tracked platform. A crawler crane’s tracks offer a higher level of stability and can fit more weight than wheeled cranes.

Lattice Boom Crawler Crane Specs

Not sure which of our lattice boom crawler cranes is appropriate for the job you’re taking on? No worries! Reach out to our qualified team, and we would be happy to help you select the perfect crane for your needs.

We’re Outfitted to Accommodate Your Next Job!

When you need high-efficiency crane rentals in Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington, DC, or select parts of North Virginia, don’t hesitate to contact us! We look forward to seeing how our rentals can aid you in completing your next job.