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Crane & Equipment Rental for Your Construction Job

The purpose of a crane rental service is to provide construction contractors with quality cranes and other equipment for an extended period. It’s often more economically sound to rent equipment than finance it, especially considering the costs of maintenance and delivery. Even if you have a long-term project, rentals are still a viable alternative to buying cranes and other equipment you won’t be using once the project is complete. At Crane Rental Now, we offer an unmatched level of comprehensive crane rental services for all your construction needs.

Benefits of Long-term Crane Rentals

If you opt for a crane rental for the long-term with us, you’ll enjoy a wealth of benefits. Some of the best reasons to choose long-term crane rentals over financing equipment are as follows:

  • Crane rental rates cost far less than purchasing the products outright.
  • You won’t need to worry about maintaining the equipment, as our skilled team will handle any maintenance needs.
  • You’ll have access to state-of-the-art equipment at a reasonable price without worrying about depreciation.
  • If you don’t like the feel or the results of a particular crane, you have the freedom to swap it for a more effective one.
  • You’ll be getting one-on-one advice on the best equipment for your job from our team of experts.

Our Long-Term Crane Rental Services

Our cutting-edge, OSHA-certified fleet of cranes is regularly maintained and ready for you to rent for the long run. Ranging from 23 to 440 tons, our impressive inventory will suit any job. You can choose among the following types of cranes from our facility:


Crane Rentals in Gambrills, MD by Crane Rental Now

Full Crane Rental Services

Our comprehensive crane rental service includes a variety of additional benefits to go along with our world-class equipment. Need a truck with crane rental hauling abilities? We’ve got you covered. Crane Rental Now features a wide range of trucking options to transport the heaviest of cranes to your construction site. We understand that it’s hard to put aside a large piece of equipment while it’s not in use, which is why we also offer indoor and outdoor storage included in your rental price. Rigging is another service in our all-inclusive plan for those who need it.

Why You Should Choose Crane Rental Now

Our family-owned and operated business have been serving the Mid-Atlantic for decades. We’re industry experts passionate to help you to the highest degree. With our comprehensive services, all crane rental services include customer service around the clock to meet your needs. Plus, you’ll be getting maintenance, shipping, storage, and rigging all rolled into one. In addition, our crane rental prices are among the most competitive in the DC metro area.

By renting from Crane Rental Now, you’ll also be doing your part in sustaining a healthy environment. Our eco-friendly cranes burn less fuel than standard cranes, meaning fewer emissions will be released into the atmosphere.

Our Other Crane Services

Along with long-term crane rentals, we offer many other rental crane services. These include:

  • Short-term crane rentals
  • Crawler crane rentals

Get a Free Quote on Long-term Crane Rentals Today

If you’re interested in learning about the crane rental cost for your project, call us today to receive a free estimate. We look forward to making your construction job as enjoyable and convenient as possible!