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Crane & Heavy Equipment Rental FAQs

L.R. Wilson & Sons Crane Rental is family-owned and operated and has been serving the Gambrills, MD community since 1971. We serve many surrounding areas and are passionate about providing safe, affordable, and reliable crane and heavy equipment rental services. We proudly offer our clients local crane equipment rentals and other support equipment. With our years of rental experience, we built this FAQ list to help provide answers to the most asked questions about crane and other heavy equipment rentals.

What Is the Cost to Rent Cranes & Equipment?

At L.R. Wilson & Sons Crane Rental, our goal is to provide affordable crane rental services to our community here in Gambrills, MD. We have a wide variety of cranes and equipment so the cost can vary widely depending on the equipment size and the estimated rental length. We will discuss your project needs and recommend the best and most affordable option for your project with a free estimate.

How Soon Can You Get the Equipment to Me?

Our team knows that the sooner you have your equipment, the sooner your project can be under way. That’s why we make a dedicated effort to get your rental equipment to you as fast as possible. In most cases, we can have the rental equipment to you within a day. If you know you have a need coming up, you can call and reserve your rental and delivery ahead of time.

How Far Can You Deliver?

While our facility is located in Gambrills, Maryland, we also deliver to all of Maryland, Washington DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, and Northern Virginia. If you’re unsure whether we can deliver to your project area, our team is ready to discuss your needs and how we’ll be able to help you.

Am I Responsible for Damages?

While the heavy equipment rentals are in your possession, you are responsible for any damage that occurs while on the job. You will be liable to pay for the damage.

What Are the Main Benefits of Crane Rental Services?

When you’re trying to decide whether heavy equipment rentals are worth it, there are a few benefits that you should know about. Whether you need heavy equipment for one or a couple of projects or are a full-fledged company, renting has many benefits over purchasing. They include:

  • Increased Flexibility – Crane rental services provide the renter with many benefits, but flexibility is one of the most attractive. You pay only for what you use and can easily try different options. When purchasing, you must make one final decision, but with renting, you can try many options to find the perfect fit.
  • Lower Expenses – Purchasing a crane or other heavy equipment costs thousands of dollars. You must also pay for inspections, maintenance, repairs, fuel, and storage. When you rent heavy equipment, you only pay for what you use and don’t have to pay for storage or any upkeep.
  • Keep Up With the Latest Advancements – Purchasing equipment means that over time, the value of your purchase will depreciate as newer and more innovative technology comes along. When you rent, you don’t risk your investment losing value and have access to the newest technology. Our team consistently expands our machinery options, giving you continual access to new options.

Is Your Equipment Safe?

Our clients’ safety is of the utmost importance to us. To ensure that our equipment is safe, we consistently inspect and maintain the equipment. A third party inspects our equipment annually to ensure it remains safe and effective.

What Kinds of Equipment Do You Rent?

We offer our customers a large variety of equipment because we know that each project needs something different. Our large heavy equipment inventory includes the following:

  • Boom trucks
  • Support trucks
  • Rough terrain truck canes
  • Lattice cranes
  • Hydraulic truck cranes

What Are the Restrictions for Renting a Crane?

When renting our cranes and heavy equipment out, we want to ensure the safety of everyone involved, so we do have restrictions and requirements in place. We will ask for evidence that you or someone on your team is certified to operate the crane or heavy equipment. We also ask to see evidence of any permits or legal documents required to operate the crane, as well as insurance that will help you pay for any damage.

What Are the Main Safety Considerations for Renting a Crane?

There are several main safety considerations to consider when renting a crane. These ensure the safety of you and your crew. Some of the considerations to account for include:

  • Assess any underground facilities or structures.
  • The crane operator should be trained and certified.
  • The area around the crane should be clear of obstacles or debris.
  • Look for overhead wires or powerlines that the crane might catch on.
  • Assess the terrain before operating the crane to ensure it can safely navigate it.
  • All work area workers should wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Contact L.R. Wilson & Sons Crane Rental

Our knowledgeable team at L.R. Wilson and Sons is ready to help you better understand the process for renting cranes and heavy equipment. Contact our team for more information or any other questions you may have. We look forward to working with you and helping you with your rental needs.