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Raising the Bar for Crane Rental Services Since 1971

Cranes lift heavy materials or debris from one place to another, but what happens when you need to get your workers off the ground? At L.R. Willson & Sons, we rent durable personnel hoists that your team members can depend on to transport them safely. Whether you need a crane rental for a maintenance project, installation, demolition, or new construction, we have the right equipment at the right price. We offer all types of personnel hoists available in Gambrills, MD and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today to explore our selection and get an estimate for your personnel hoist rental!

Personnel Hoists in Gambrills, MD

What Are Personnel Hoists Used For?

Personnel hoists, also known as personnel lifts or man lifts, are crucial for a safe jobsite. These crane rentals are designed to safely transport workers to different levels of a building or structure. In the fast-paced environment of a construction site, these hoists reduce the time spent on ladders or staircases. Plus, these hoists are much safer than these climbing structures, keeping your workers’ well-being a priority. Equipped with safety measures like safety gates and emergency stop buttons, they lower the risk of accidents onsite. This provides greater peace of mind for construction company owners, managers, and jobsite supervisors.

What Is the Difference Between Lifting and Hoisting?

Lifting and hoisting refer to different operations and types of equipment. Lifting is a broad term that encompasses any operation or equipment used to raise an object from one level to another. This can involve various tools, machines, and techniques, such as forklifts, cranes, or even manual labor.

Hoisting is a specific type of lifting operation that uses equipment like personnel hoists to raise, lower, or move loads vertically and, in some cases, horizontally. When we talk about personnel hoists, we refer to specialized equipment designed to safely transport workers up and down multistory structures. They’re typically used in high-rise construction or maintenance tasks, where ladders or scaffolding are impractical or unsafe. With the personnel hoists available from our crane rental company, construction site managers can look forward to better risk mitigation.

How Do Personnel Hoists Work?

Personnel hoists feature a motor-driven system that powers a lift car or cage up and down a guided mast or tower. This system can be electrically or hydraulically powered, depending on the specific model of the hoist.

In the lift car, workers or small equipment are transported. The car is securely enclosed, often with doors or gates, to ensure the safety of the passengers. The hoist is controlled by an operator, either within the lift car or from a station on the ground, using a system of buttons or switches that dictate the hoist’s upward or downward movement.

Types of Personnel Hoists

We offer various types of personnel hoists, so you can find exactly the right piece of equipment that is best-suited to your jobsite. Common types include:

Standard Personnel Hoists

These are the most common type of personnel hoists. They are primarily used for transporting workers vertically in high-rise construction projects. They usually consist of a single or double cabin moving up and down along a guided mast.

Twin Mast Personnel Hoists

These hoists feature two parallel masts and are designed to handle heavier loads or greater heights. They can carry more workers and are typically used in larger construction projects.

Transport Platforms

These are slower than standard personnel hoists but offer a more spacious platform and the flexibility to carry both personnel and materials. They are suitable for smaller construction sites or refurbishment projects.

Request a Quote for a Personnel Hoist Today!

L.R. Willson & Sons, Inc. is here to provide exceptional crane rental services for your projects in Gambrills, MD and the surrounding areas. Our selection of personnel hoists is well-maintained and ready to go when you need them. Take the first step towards a safer work site today. Contact us to get an estimate for your personnel hoist rental!