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Rooftop Hvac Made Easy With Crane Rental Services

A rooftop HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) unit evenly distributes heating and cooling in a building, as well as properly ventilates it to prevent moisture from accumulating. While these machines offer comfort and convenience, the process of applying them to your roof is slightly less so. That’s where a rooftop crane comes into play.

With a crane, placing your HVAC unit is safe and easy. At Crane Rental Now, we know that you may never need the crane again, which is why we offer an all-inclusive crane rental service to help you complete the job stress-free.

Rooftop HVAC Tips

Rooftop HVACs make life easier and more comfortable, but it’s important to get the placement right to avoid problems down the road. To most efficiently install or replace HVAC units, we suggest utilizing these tips:

  • Consider energy-efficient machines that will cut costs while helping the environment.
  • Check that the unit you want to install is compatible with your roof to avoid structural issues.
  • Hire a technician to install the machine to ensure it is properly in place.
  • Assess your roof curb – a curb adapter may be necessary.
  • Plan for routine maintenance check-ins throughout the year.
  • Consider maintenance and filtration when planning your budget.

The Work Zone

When it comes to a roof crane lift, all security measures must be practiced to the highest degree. While the HVAC unit is being placed onto the roof with the crane rental, be sure to clear the area of onlookers.

Rigging the Unit

First, you’ll need a truck with crane rental hauling abilities to get the roof crane to your location. We feature commercially licensed drivers to transport the rental crane to you, along with all the necessary rigging equipment. Once we’ve arrived, we’ll rig the HVAC unit onto the crane and safely get it up to your roof. Included in our crane rental prices, you’ll receive all trucking and rigging services without any additional fees.

Safety on the Roof

Practicing safety measures is crucial when installing heavy machinery on a roof. Be sure to openly communicate with everyone involved in the process and avoid obstacles like power lines and trees. Besides an expensive repair, lifting large units risks getting someone seriously hurt.

Reasons To Hire Cranes for Rooftop HVAC

Crane rental services are essential when installing a rooftop HVAC unit. The top reasons to hire a rooftop crane for an HVAC installation are as follows:

  • You’ll get an all-inclusive service that provides transportation and rigging.
  • You can enjoy top-notch cranes at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them outright.

  • You won’t need to worry about the depreciation of a rooftop crane over time.
  • Rental cranes allow you to complete your installation job without financing a piece of equipment you won’t be using afterward.

Why You Should Choose Crane Rental Now

For a crane rental that’s all-inclusive, look no further than Crane Rental Now. Our family-owned and operated business boast a state-of-the-art fleet of cranes and other equipment. We boast a competitive crane rental cost that allows you to test out and use equipment without the burden of buying it. In addition to our comprehensive rentals, we offer expert advice around-the-clock.

Our Other Crane Services

All crane rental services we provide feature comprehensive benefits and OSHA-certified equipment that’s regularly maintained. Along with short-term rentals, our other crane rental services include:

Call Us Today for a Free Estimate

Crane Rental Now has served a wide variety of industries in the Mid-Atlantic since 1971 and boasts a knowledgeable and friendly staff ready to answer any of your questions or concerns. We promise reasonable crane rental rates accompanied by the highest standard of customer service. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free quote.